Campaign for Museums

Campaign for Museums

Promotion of museums, promoting culture

You will find screaming people on the name of culture. The image comes with the culture in multicultural societies has been creaming. Some societies have destroyed the image of culture. Some cities have promoted their culture and heritage as Chicago and Los Angeles. Let’s look at the societies promoting culture and heritage with their museums.
Promoting museums
Promoting Museums has not been difficult in large cities. Museums have digitalized and got fame with their uniqueness. Cities, such as Los Angeles, New York and Chicago have built the museums to portray the image...
Los Angeles
Los Angeles, the city of Hollywood has formed unique kind of museums to attract the world. One of the recent developments of the museum is MOD (Museum of Dream Spaces). Especially, portraying society’ role in...

New York historical societies

New York historical societies museum represents the culture of the country since 1804. The arts, exhibitions and artifacts are much close to the culture of society. The recent development of fourth flour presents the history of women and has been portrayal of the role of women in society.

Museums in New York
You will find different kind of museums in New York such as Intrepid Sea, Air& Space Museum which portrays image of military. Portraying every aspect...
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Museum of Dream Spaces
The objects of the museum present a range of objects promoting culture of the city. You will find the art character making art with painting...
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New York hall of sciences

The museum New York hall of sciences has developed with the war fair of 1964 and portrays the sustainability benefits in it. A waterfall digitally simulated environment has created to show more of the nature of this city.

The New York hall of sciences museum has digitized every object of the museum to show that how culture has transformed the objectivity into digitalization. You will find a 3-D theatre to show transition of culture from your cartoonic character Angry Bird to changing the environment with robots.


Chicago is going to be the world’s famous art place portraying its culture, history and heritage. Have a look at some famous museums of this city.

Museum of contemporary art

Museum of contemporary art also depicts the past of America and transformation of the city in modernized way. The art galleries are fully digitalized telling you story of the decades.

Today, Museum’s digitalization endeavours for the promotion of museums as well as identity of large cities. Museums promoting culture possesses a long history of heritage. Exploring technological advancement, museums focus that nationals know their tribal or modern histories as well as portray it to expatriates.

Fields museum

Making you discovering for future culture, Fields museum has aligned projects amalgamating past and future culture. You will be discovering dinosaurs in the museum, a unique experience of meeting with Stone Age.

Finding you in the hall of ancient America will give you experience of the past of America You will also find the future of the human robots in the same ancient American hall.